The Concept of Law of Attraction Explained

Your reactions and interactions with people is what suggests any opportunity given to you. That’s why maintaining your happiness, health, and self image is a critical factor in improving your lifestyle. It is dictating your performance in the actions you take on a daily basis. The way you perceive what is given to you is the main factor that causes you to feel grateful and that is what’s going to ultimately increase your desire to perform and how you communicate with others, eventually introducing higher quality opportunities into your life.

Although there is a sort of magic, fantasy like idea that makes up the usual explanation of law of attraction, there is a simpler way to break it down. Here I will put the concept into more common, everyday terms.

In the majority of usual explanations, it is suggested that the universe grants in your life what you manifest or believe, being positive or negative. In this writing, a new understanding of the law of attraction will be introduced that does not go as far as giving a higher level power, but putting it into a more practical, day-to-day sense. Meaning that you are the one in control of your actions in which will decide each path you take daily.

When beginning the practice of law of attraction, there is an effort from you that is needed to manually put your mind in a positive state. At first you will find it is hard to temporarily change your perspective in situations that cause stress or doubt. Don’t let that discourage you from applying this concept. After so many times of correcting your thoughts after you catch yourself thinking negatively, thinking positively will soon become the default that your mind is set to. This is an important exercise to take action and apply every chance you can. The way you truly feel and your true perspective is the reason your life is going how it is. Your mind only knows the actual truth about yourself. That is also the sole reason that good/healthy habits are important.

Key habits include:

  • Feeling grateful or thinking positivelylooking at the things you love (even the simple things) in your life as a gift. Say you hire somebody to mow your lawn. They do a good job, so you give them $100. If they’re unsatisfied with their earnings from you, are you going to hire them to mow your lawn again? You will most likely want somebody who is going to be grateful that they will be paid because that is what’s going to drive them to continue to do great work for you. That is the same way that the universe works. The universe wants to fulfill your desires. It requires appreciation, patience, and most of all, action from you to continue to receive blessings that get better each time they arrive into your life. You work for the universe which ultimately means you’re working on yourself. By becoming known to do great work and making positive changes for others, you will see greater opportunities open up to you.
  • Treating your body as a machine the human body is a complex machine and it is clear that taking care of your body will not only increase your self worth, but will give you the fuel you need to tackle your tasks with a healthy mind. You have been blessed with a mind and body that requires maintenance. Think of survival of the fittest. The healthier minded person is going further than the snacker in any given situation. Let that be your motivation. If not you, then who else?
  • Sharingsharing your blessings to the people that are closest to you is going to increase the love that you experience in your life. And you are there to reciprocate that feeling back to them as well. Through words of affirmation, knowledge, money, you increase the love that is directed towards you starting with the ones in your life that matter. This will increase your self worth and value as a person from others.
  • Completing tasks that increase your self worthbeing productive and completing tasks that enhance your life will give you a sense of fulfillment and knowledge that will increase your self worth. By completing important tasks, you’ve proven to yourself what you’re capable of and how not even discomfort can stand in your way. Do you ever notice the fulfillment you feel after completing a difficult task? You are a high value person. High value people are constantly improving and being productive in their personal lives. Whether people like you or not, you are always going to be occupied by your daily tasks – making you feel productive – and giving you leverage and fulfillment in your mind to which you know that you have nothing to lose when it comes to what others may think of you. You are always going to be occupied and improving.
  • Being honestwhenever you tell a lie, you are also contributing to a negative image of yourself in your head. (Which controls a lot of your actions from there on out.) Feeling like you have done something that you need to hide makes you insecure. You are questioning your own actions which is a direct signal to yourself that you shouldn’t have done that action in the first place. In any situation, admitting that you’re wrong contributes to your self worth because you have realized that you’ve gained knowledge and experience through the negative situation and ultimately are smarter because of it.

There are many habits that have a direct effect on your image of yourself, giving you a sense of what you can actually do as a person. That concept has a direct correspondence to your outlook on the world and what you can do in it. Your body and mind need to be in the shape required to be able to handle the higher level tasks that are vital to creating the life that you want. Happy people are happy because they are out of touch with the idea of seeing anything that is negative as something that stands in their way. Letting the negative be a factor in which whether or not they can do something is not an option. That is a beautiful concept.

The law of attraction is fascinating and I would advise anybody to become more aware of this concept. It will allow you to be more conscious of your daily interactions and habits, increasing your awareness of the mistakes you make on a daily basis allowing you to pin point the areas you are struggling in. You can work to improve yourself and eventually unlock your full potential because of your willingness to become a student of yourself.

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  1. This is another well-written informational article. I wasn’t the most informed on the law of attraction. After reading this, I can understand how it is important to input many of these key habits into my daily routines.

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