9 to 5’s Are a Blessing – A Perspective of Somebody Without a Job.

While enjoying 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, it really concerned me that 9 to 5’s have such a bad reputation. The stance that is described in this writing is from me: somebody with no experience in the cubical lifestyle of an office worker. I’m young and have a couple retail jobs under my belt. I want to get serious for a moment about why changing your perspective would change your life.

In my recent years, I have found myself to be completely broke and clueless. My monthly rent at a point in time was a full two weeks pay (on a good two weeks), and I had a car payment that was 100 dollars less than that. Nowadays I consider that situation a blessing and continue to think fondly of the mistakes I had gotten myself into, for they only made me better overall. You can apply that same philosophy to your life as well. The retail job thing is very inconsistent and I could compare the conditions of work to how people describe a generic 9 to 5 job.

At that time I could quite literally beg for a steady income. I consider myself to had been in the chapter of my life where I had not reached the level that required to achieve such an opportunity. My reasoning for my statement 9 to 5’s are a blessing could be better explained like this. Like I said, I had not yet reached the level I needed to be at to achieve a fully consistent income. The level. There are levels in life. I was in the level before my opportunity to be able to have a 9 to 5.

You may hate your 9 to 5 that you have to show up to everyday. That’s the unsatisfaction that you use as fuel to get yourself to the next level. The game usually goes like this: each level gets harder to complete. The book I referred to in the beginning, 4 Hour Work Week, opened my eyes to how important it is to get specific with the short term goals that are going to better yourself before you can take on any opportunities that are going to enhance your life.

Action is the most important thing here. I can get specific with characteristics that are important to improve on, although there are many. Communication, empathy, problem solving, creativity, and taking action on things you say you’re going to do. You’re going to get to a point where you can leave your current job. The person that you are when that time comes is a big factor in any opportunity showing itself into your life at all.

I’m going to drop links to videos of people that I look up to that get specific and give you new perspectives by giving insight on tasks that you can start today to form better habits and ultimately enhance your life. Content creators on Youtube go above and beyond to make the most informative content that is available. This selection of videos are definitely a great starting point to anybody who may be unaware of this community. The rabbit hole is endless and thrilling.

This video selection includes:

4 Small Changes To Improve Your Life – Nate O’Brien

A Day in the Life of a Minimalist – Matt D’Avella

How the comfort zone is ruining your life – Better Ideas

5 Millionaire Habits That Changed My Life – Nate O’Brein

Mark Manson’s 3 Rules for Life – Mark Manson

Honorable Mentions:

My Minimalist Apartment – Nate O’Brien

How I made my life a video game – Better Ideas

One thought on “9 to 5’s Are a Blessing – A Perspective of Somebody Without a Job.

  1. I really enjoyed your post! Very well written and conveyed. I myself have watched some of the videos you referred. I think they give a great perspective on how to evaluate your position in life. Then, use that as motivation and create short/long term goals. I hope to see more articles!

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